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Written by Rachael Young


Posted on February 03 2017

We're making some changes around the shop (this blog being one of them) and we want you to be the first to know what's happening! We want our business to grow, and with that comes change. We're making an effort to be fully transparent with our customers.

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Product Pricing
Full disclosure here: We have increased our prices. We have done so carefully, and for great reason. We are a small family business. Each product is handmade to order in our California home. We live in one of the most expensive places in America, and in order for our business to grow here, we need better margins. Our previous prices just weren't able to sustain us long term.

We use the absolute very best materials on the market. We started back in 2011 with run of the mill collar and leash kits sold online. The D-rings pulled apart with regular use, and that was scary. The buckles were thin and not well made. We spent years searching for the very best materials that money could buy, and we handpicked only the best for our designs. Our buckles are top of the line, name brand, aluminum buckles with mirror finish nickel plating. Our D-rings and triglide slides are die cast, which virtually eliminates the threat of coming apart, as there are no welded seams. Our solid grosgrain ribbon is made in the USA, and our nylon webbing is the heaviest you can get without being too heavy for neckwear. These items cost more, and we weren't being fair to ourselves by price matching our competitors.

Our gold hardware prices jumped the most, and we struggled with this. We want everyone to be able to enjoy our collars and leashes with gold hardware, because it's so luxurious, and we're the only shop on the market that offers hardware of this caliber. However, we're using real 23K gold, and everything is plated individually by a local company, and this is not inexpensive to do. Our previous prices did not even come close to reflecting this. Our products with gold hardware are now better priced to be the luxury dog accessories that they are. 

The new pricing also affords us the opportunity to work with other brands, like Oh Tiny Heart, to collaborate and feature new styles. We had such little margin to work with before, that it was impossible to collaborate in any way. We think this is the best move we could make, and can't wait to see what's in store for us next. 

Seasonal Updates
We're going to continue updating our product lines twice yearly, with a Spring+Summer launch and Fall+Winter launch. This way, our shop gets refreshed, and we get to introduce new things to you without giving you total decision fatigue. Curation is key here! Make sure you're on our email list to get reminders before our shop changes over for the season. You definitely don't want to miss out on something you've been eyeing! 

Giving Back
We have a plan in place to give back on every purchase made through Stay tuned for this exciting announcement! 


Thanks for reading our first blog post! We hope you understand why we had to make these changes, and hope you continue shopping with us! 



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