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Love at First Sight

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Posted on July 07 2017

It was early November, the year 2016, when the desire hit me like a ton of bricks. A desire for a French bulldog that is. Now keep in mind I am in no way, shape or form an animal person or animal lover, frankly, I had never been. I had always seemed to be overwhelmed with the many tasks and numerous responsibilities that come along with living life. There were way too many to count. One of those responsibilities was taking care of the many humans in my life and quite honestly I was always opposed to pet dander and animal drool!           

Several years prior to this is when I got bit by the bug. The puppy bug! A dear friend of mine had a french bulldog puppy. It was the most beautiful puppy that I had ever seen. It was actually the first french bulldog puppy that I had ever seen in person. My hearts response to seeing that round eyed squishy faced puppy was well, lets just say, I just bubbled over with pure joy. I literally felt a surge of adrenaline fiercely rushing through my body. Immediately after that meet and greet with this chunky playful gem. I begged and pleaded with force for my husband to agree with me for a french bulldog puppy, only he wouldn't have any part of it.   

As time went on my request seemed to fade as the day sky turns to night. I thought maybe the timing was not right. Patiently I waited for a better time, when a puppy could possibly be a part of our lives. Now, there was another dynamic to this puppy craving of mine. I home school our thirteen year old son. A week before his third birthday he was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes. In his preteen year especially he was needing a little more emotionally. A buddy, a friend, or God willing, a furry brother. 

My son and I united in our mission and plea for a puppy. Both of us campaigning with great zeal for our cause. The two of us needed more, and pleaded continuously, but still my husband would not have anything to do with it. If you have not noticed yet, unity and agreeing as a family is a must for me! Although, it hurts sometimes when things do not go my way! It is imperative that we agree. Admitting, I was quite aware of my loud and often strong emotions especially when I was relentless and determined to have my way.  Confronting my lack of control, I took a few steps back and rested in a state of steady until calm would revisit me again. I quietly tucked away some doubt that I had about taking on the tremendous responsibility of being a pet owner. Despite my crusade and antics. I didn’t know if a puppy would even fit in our lifestyle. There was a burning in me, I just wasn’t willing to ignore the need in my heart, and now especially in my son’s heart. 

Moving forward to November 2016, my son and I really needed a change. A change in our environment. Some of you maybe able to relate but life gets very heavy and can be too serious some times. We get so wrapped up and content with our routines, that life can become mundane and stale. I was feeling very strongly that our home needed a refresh. Our home needed new life. We needed to laugh again. We needed to pour our love out on something else. The more I tried to contain my desire for new life in our home the pressure came on me like a tsunami. 

With Thanksgiving just behind us, Christmas now was encroaching upon us. Christmas being only four weeks away, I was openly hopeful that we would have a Christmas miracle for our son. I just believed, and my son believed too. My son and I together explored the internet searching dust to dawn for the possibility of finding our forever pup. In a flash we discovered that discernment and prayer was a necessity in our finding a breeder with integrity. Before long my husband was miraculously in on this search. His heart seemed to soften as I presented my last sincere and tearful plea. 

After endless pictures and dead ends, I myself was starting to wane and lose hope. One morning I landed upon a breeder’s contact that I had not seen before. Still to this day I do not even know how I found it. Before my son awoke that morning I made the call. I was so pleasantly amazed at how warm, friendly and genuine she was. It was as if I had known her all of my life. She patiently  gave me all the time I needed and answered every silly and even repetitive question because I was so nervous. She spoke of one that seemed to be her favorite. Bunny hopping, full of life, little brindle boy. One night as I laid quietly in bed contemplating all that had aspired. I received a text with a photo. It was the sweetest thing I had ever seen. He was beautiful, as his paws rested the rim of a christmas wrapped box. He stole my heart it was love at first sight. I knew that this one had to be our forever pup.

French Bulldog Puppy at Christmas

My son was included in every detail up to this point. Now with Christmas being only three weeks away, my husband and I had work to do. A Christmas miracle was in the making, with my son not having any knowledge of it at all. The night before Christmas Eve we had a wedding to attend. While my brother and sister in law picked up Louis Cadeau from the airport, they would bring him home to prepare for our entrance. He was so tiny and hungry they cared for him so delicately and sweetly. My family, along with my daughter, prepared the most lovely surprise as Louis Cadeau awaited our arrival, especially our son’s.

Unexpectedly entering our home, there was a note directing our next step. We swung open the doubled french doors our eyes met Louis, who sat in a brown wicker basket wearing a big red bow around his neck. His big brown eyes and alert ears captured our hearts at first glance. Cheers, smiles, and laughter filled the room. Along with cameras shooting pictures as though the paparazzi had a lead. To my young son's surprise and shock — he was delighted with this full of energy, furry ball of joy. It has taken some time to adapt to having a furry son who seems to take precedent over everyone and everything. As for myself not being an animal lover. Louis has forever changed my heart.           

Family meeting Louis
Louis Cadeau Puppy Photo


Author: Carol Kellum



  • What a beautiful story!!!

    Posted by Jamey | July 10, 2017
  • Such a sweet story! What joy Louis Cadeau has brought to your lives! I loved reading about y’all came to the decision of getting a puppy as a family.

    Posted by Tinsley Giese | July 09, 2017
  • That’s my furry little black brother ????❤️

    Posted by Joshua | July 07, 2017
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