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Dogs can be tough on their collars. Puppies outgrow their collars. Seasons change. Whatever the reason, when it's time for a new collar and your MATTIE + MARGOT hardware is still in great shape, don't toss it — we'll recycle it into something new for you! 

We spent years sourcing the very best metal hardware to use in our designs. Our metal hardware is built to last, and we don't want it to end up in the landfill. With our unique Recycling Program, you can send your MATTIE + MARGOT collar back to us, and we'll salvage the metal hardware. We'll then use that same hardware and sew it into a new style of your choice. We can also use the nylon and ribbon to make a key fob for you. The best part? You get a 40% discount on your new style, as a reward for recycling.

Ready for a new look?
Complete the short form at the bottom of this page, and we'll email you further instruction on where to send your old collar. Once we receive your collar in the mail, we will send you a custom discount code for you to use when ordering your "new" collar.

Once you place your discount order, we'll take it apart your returned collar and make it into an optional* key fob for you, and a "new" collar for your dog (using the "old" metal parts) at a 40% recycling discount. Same metal hardware, whole new look.

*We understand if you don't want a key fob (dogs roll in some pretty smelly things!) — key fobs are totally optional. Let us know your preference when you fill out the form below.

Key fobs make great mementos for those grieving the loss of a pet. We will carefully turn your dog's collar into a key fob for you. Several customers have attached their beloved dog's name tag to the key fob, and it made a beautiful memorial keepsake. 

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