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MATTIE + MARGOT is a dog accessories brand focused on craftsmanship, variety, and a love for dogs. With a variety of colors, metals, and sizes, there is something for everyone.
Founded in 2011, the brand was built by two California locals out of a need to find fashionable yet durable collars. When the regional and neighboring pet store selections lacked the quality and style they were looking for, they had no choice but to turn to expensive online shops with long lead times. Unsatisfied with the selection available and poor customer service, they took matters into their own hands and the concept for MATTIE + MARGOT was born.
The idea would finally flourish into a fully formed business in 2012.  After experimenting with different materials, stitching styles, and techniques the winning combination of hardware, nylon, and material would become the foundation that built not only an exceptional product but also a community.


Taking over where the founders left off, the new owners, Nicholas and Ashley, will be continuing MATTIE + MARGOT from their studio in New Jersey. The friend duo lead busy lives immersed in their pets, family, and work. With backgrounds in graphic design, marketing, administrative management, and retail, their experience is a vital factor in determining how they conduct business. Strongly valuing quality and commitment, the PAVLOU + PRICE team pride themselves on their dedication to providing exceptional products and service.