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MATTIE + MARGOT is a dog accessories brand focused on craftsmanship, variety, and love for dogs. With a variety of colors, metals, and sizes, there is something for everyone.

As the owners of dogs large, medium, and small, we know the struggle of finding the perfect collars in multiple sizes all too well. Our large dog, Mattie, often chewed the plastic buckles off of our other dogs. Our small dog, Margot, was too small for the styles we picked out for Mattie and Cooper, and we wanted them to match. The local pet store selections lacked the quality and style we were looking for, and online shops with metal hardware proved expensive with long lead times. Unsatisfied with the selection available, we decided to take matters into our own hands, and the idea for MATTIE + MARGOT was born. We spent all of 2012 experimenting with different materials, stitching styles, and techniques in order to create our winning combination of aluminum, nylon, and grosgrain ribbon.

While experimenting with new styles, we found ourselves among a pile of imperfect collars and leashes. We started reusing the metal parts in new designs, and the Recycling Program began. Recycling allows customers to mail their collars back to be recycled into a “new” collar using the "old" metal parts. The customer has the option to turn the old collar material into a key fob for humans. It's a great way to reuse materials while changing up your style. 

We make all items to order in our sewing studio inside our California home. We're new parents to baby Lydia, and dog parents to Mattie, Margot, and Cooper. We like to stay busy, so we hope you find something you like and keep us sewing!

-Mattie, Margot, Cooper, Rachael, Garret, and Lydia


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