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We're Giving Back!

Written by Rachael Young


Posted on February 07 2017

We have some exciting news to share! As of February 2017, for every collar, leash, and bowtie sold on, we are going to feed a shelter dog for a day. That's two meals, and two less things to worry about.

We've been looking for ways to give back ever since we started MATTIE + MARGOT. We started with a Collar of the Month program back in 2013, where we featured a different collar each month (at a discount) along with a rescue that was nominated by our customers. The difference in price on each featured collar sold was then donated to the rescue at the end of the month.

While this was an amazing idea, we failed to get the word out properly, and didn't raise enough money each month to truly make a difference for these shelters. Nominations started dropping off, and we decided it was time to pull the plug until we found the best way to help rescues. As our business grows, we think it would be great to bring this back eventually, but for now, it's on hold.

One of the biggest ongoing expenses for animal shelters and rescues is feeding the animals in their care. But how can we help?

We needed an easier, more reliable way to help rescues, and we think we've found it. By giving back on every item sold, there is guaranteed to be a donation at the end of every month. Customers can order whatever they like, as opposed to one particular style each month, and still feel great about helping a shelter dog in need. 

We're donating to animal shelters in the United States via RescueBank, which receives food from manufacturers when it is nearing the ‘best buy’ date, has minor packaging defects, or is being re-branded. Applying criteria developed with these donors, RescueBank makes food grants to community-based animal welfare groups, focusing on smaller, less-visible non-profits that have limited access to resources.

Each item purchased on will automatically be registered by us, and we will count products sold and make a coordinating donation at the end of each month. By donating via RescueBank, we can ensure that the shelters that need help the most are getting our donations.

We have a huge starting goal of feeding 10,000 dogs, and we can only do it with your help! Let's do this together!



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