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Yellow California Poppy Leash


Looking for the perfect modern dog leash for everyday use? You've come to the right place. Our trigger snap hooks are perfect for one-handed on/off, so your dog can be off leash and running free in a snap. Leashes are offered in Standard 5ft, City 3ft, and Coupler options.

I've always loved California Poppies. I'm enamored with the way they open and close throughout the day, and the array of colors they come in. I loved them so much that I even gave California Poppy seeds as the favors at my wedding. After living in California for some time, I learned that they're technically weeds! But that doesn't stop me from loving them, and I'm excited to bring them to my shop!

The California Poppy collection features vibrant pops of color with a vintage, summery vibe. The intricate floral pattern is cut differently for each ribbon, making every leash unique. The Yellow California Poppy leash has bright citrus yellow and teal flowers set upon a gray background. It's the perfect floral print to get you through the summer in style!

Walk two dogs at once with our brand new coupler! Paired with a 3' leash, it's the best way to walk tangle free. Two 2ft leash sections allow two dogs of different sizes to walk easily side by side. Mix and match leashes and couplers for a custom style!

MATTIE + MARGOT leashes are meticulously handcrafted with premium ribbon, heavy duty nylon webbing, and polished metal trigger snaps. Our one-of-a-kind real 23K gold hardware is plated at a small shop in California. We only use the very best materials, and we stand behind them.

Standard: 5' x 1"
City: 3' x 1"
Coupler: 2' x 1" (for two dogs)

    Handmade daily in Ohio. Typically ships in under a week.


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